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How to Make Good Advertising

Good advertising usually has only one task: you must sell! Good advertising does not have to be nice, funny or exciting, although all these features can be helpful but can not be self-purpose. It is not about achieving advertising prices, but rather to support and expand the business success.       Successful advertising means… Read More »

Lamar Advertising: Outdoor Advertising Agency Donates Space

Lamar Advertising Company donates millions of dollars’ worth of advertising space each year to help nonprofit organizations communicate important information to the public. “I am so blessed and thankful to say that roadside billboards in support of my platform SURVIVE: DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE will be returning soon!! So honored to be in partnership with… Read More »

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising than others

We are trying to review the advantages and disadvantages of many advertising types, indoor and outdoor, digital or traditional. Lets see these benefit of outdoor advertising that have placed in the world. ELECTRICAL MEDIA TELEVISION (TV) Advantages : Can be enjoyed by anyone. Can reach a large area. The broadcast time is certain. It has… Read More »

Why outdoor advertising is needed for your business

The advertising outdoor advertisements described to reach the consumer when it is away from home. Usually, this type of outdoor advertising is aimed at the mass market, using broad messages, highlighting the brand and the campaign. The most common forms of outdoor advertising include: – Advertising on billboards – Points of sale – Street furniture… Read More »