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Small Posters Quite Large Side Windows Posters

50 cm x 15 cm large and on each side 4-color printed, side window placards are a often misunderstood possibility local, regionally or even nationally an impact-strong advertising campaign, which must shy away the comparison with the classical foreigners and certainly not with other media. Studies show very impressively that side window posters with much… Read More »

How much does it cost for billboard advertising

Cheaper than the price of this touching billboard! Amy Jo Lett, President and Hospital Chairman of VFW Auxiliary 5675, Odessa, Missouri, likes to “go big” on all she does and her passion for increasing veteran suicide awareness is no exception. She was driving down I-70 near Odessa (which is 40 miles east of Kansas City)… Read More »

How much Cost to Rent a Billboard

Billboard is one type of outdoor promotional products with a large form., Its placement should be strategic especially in artery roads that allow road users to observe and immediately recognize the product offered only with one eye (eye catching). The material displayed in the form of a name, logo, illustration of a product or company.… Read More »