Purpose and Function of Advertising

By | September 29, 2017

Advertising goals generally contain communication missions. Advertising is a mass communication and must be paid to attract awareness, inculcate information, develop attitudes or expect a favorable action for advertisers.

Advertising Purpose

The purpose of advertising is a communication task that must support the purpose of marketing, but the actual activities are completely different. So once again, the purpose of advertising is not just communication.

The advertising process is communicating, where the goal is to communicate with:

1. The right person

They are people who are likely to buy or use our client’s product or service and may or may not have used it.

2. The right place

It may be within the scope of International, National, Regional, or a designated place where it can be determined from where the consumer / prospect resides or where the product of the client’s goods / services is available.

3. The right time

May be throughout the year, month, week, or day, can also be an introduction or promotion of sales and purchasing cycle (Buying Cycle).

4. The right message

Is a message that is able to motivate feelings to buy / use products / services clients in the right way.

5. The right tools

The best method of communication with personal contact, use of PR services or use of advertising in the media.

Advertising Functions

Advertising as a communication process has several functions, namely:

1. As a Marketing

Helping producers market their products, interpreted to sell goods traded can sell and can achieve the desired target manufacturers, as well as the best way to satisfy their needs and desires.

2. As Education

Providing information about new products or improvement / development of existing products to the public or consumers – consumers so that people who do not understand can be understood that there are products that have been thrown kepasaran.

3. As an Economist

Encouraging competition among producers resulting in improved product and price outlets that benefit consumers. On the side of advertising manufacturers are pressing the cost of “personal mutual” and distribution.

4. As a Social Function

Increase the productivity of life. For producers to increase productivity so that the level of life of the company can increase and for consumers more choices obtained.

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