How much does a billboard cost UK US AUS and more

By | June 21, 2017

It is impossible to answer  How much does a billboard cost UK Germany Italy Spain USA Australia and more countries because the tariff is totally changing according to the area, the passage (so the impact) etc … only owners of similar signs in the same area will be able to answer you.

Just for example:

For a 4×3 in the region of the big Montpellier, the owners of the land on which the device is located receive generous annual rents of the order of 4000 e annual and do absolutely nothing, management and maintenance Being taken care of by the com … In general, a contract (lease) of a minimum of 3 years is required but it can be only 1 or 2 years ….

You can put at the disposal of a company of display a part of your property (wall, ground, roof …) for a rent for the use of this property.
This advertising lease implies that the poster must only occupy the support that is allocated to it.
Advertising rates vary according to the strategic location of the sign.
The price of the rental is negotiated and takes into account:
1. visibility
2. readability (if seen more than 100 meters or not)
3. scarcity of location (eg red lights, drivers read)
4. the number of vehicles passing per day
5. number of panels as well as
6. hinders that this may cause to the

Inside your house The support of the displays

Any poster must be affixed on the signs reserved for this purpose by the municipal administration. These areas are granted to companies which in turn operate them on behalf of advertisers.


In deciding an individual to accept a lease, the companies advocate that
the price of the lease approximate the amount of the LOCAL TAXES.

Nowadays advertising pays a lot ….!
The display company will try by all means to rent the site at the lowest. The salesman will talk about a yearly rate. But they will negotiate with the company x at a rate per day.

If you are on a good site, propose more than 6 Euros per day the billboard

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