How much Cost to Rent a Billboard

By | May 15, 2017

Billboard is one type of outdoor promotional products with a large form., Its placement should be strategic especially in artery roads that allow road users to observe and immediately recognize the product offered only with one eye (eye catching). The material displayed in the form of a name, logo, illustration of a product or company.

Billboard installation at Casa del Rio Hotel Melaka

Billboard installation at Casa del Rio Hotel Melaka

To make billboards go through the exact calculation phases, such as the state of the soil, the wind, the size of the billboards, the strength of the construction framework, they must be taken into account in order to avoid undesirable risks, and an agency must have a team of experienced in this field.

Billboard is one of the great promotional media can be used to help campaigns from marketing a product, because billboards will have a strong effect in attracting the audience, the bigger and more strategic point billboard billboard-it stand will bring affect. Which is also good for the campaign of the product displayed it. Billboard is very busy used for a wide range of products, especially bulk products such as cigarettes, cell phones, and others. Will more leverage the benefits of billboard  when equipped with lighting, because the night situation is a good time to advertise. The use of light effects is helpful for “stealing” the attention of passers-by especially at night, in addition to adding unique object scenes as well as conveying messages from its own ads.

Billboard installation in progress

Billboard installation in progress

The placement of billboards is usually on the edge or in the middle of the street, this is meant to be seen by many people, the more people who go through the road the better to be the point of placement of billboards to be installed, as well as for the tax rates imposed will More expensive.


Outdoor advertising is a good option to complement your product marketing strategy, with the advantage of being able to work nonstop all the time, under any circumstances day and night. Synergize very well with other advertising media such as Comercial TV, in terms of ease the audience to recall the best moment or endorser of your TV commercials. Outdoor Advertising Media also synergizes very well with Print Media and Online Media in terms of distributing your advertising to a larger number of audiences in a relatively longer time so as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your advertising budget.

Billboard installation for LANDCO

Billboard installation for LANDCO

The increased activity and mobility of people from one place to another and increased traffic density are an invaluable opportunity to attract the attention of your target market. Technological advancements in the Outdoor Advertising Industry, in addition to being able to streamline the delivery process of advertisements more quickly and up to date also allows creative exploration in various forms of creative media that are unique and attract the attention of Target Market / Audience such as BILLBOARD


A company provide services in the implementation of special communication strategy of outdoor-promotional branding, media placement, event management and others. Forms of Service provide include

A. Promotional Branding

Uninterrupted views desert billboard installation by Jennifer Bolande, inspired by ads.

Uninterrupted views desert billboard installation by Jennifer Bolande, inspired by ads.

Serve clients to promote their brands so they are better known by the general public for sales effectiveness.

B. Media Placement

Besides advertising in Billboard the agency will also assist clients in the selection of strategic locations in accordance with the billboard points and other media promotions.

C. Event Managament

Ready to serve clients to promote every event management through Billboard that is available according to the existing placement points so as to more quickly get public attention for the success of the event.

Billboard Production & Installation Costs

Cheap cost to rent a billboard

Such a beautiful Day for a billboard installation! This billboard will catch your eye during the day and night with added reflective vinyl to really get your attention. Show some support to Neu-Cup and also come see us to see what we can do for you!

This is what you must pay:

  • Billboard levy tax expenses
  • Cost of Institution Licensing Participation
  • Land Rent Fee Yearly
  • Production
  • Installation

This variable for any countries.

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