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Advertisement boards types you should to know

A poster is a large format (usually at least A3) plasticized sheet of paper to hang on a wall. Mostly you want to hang posters inside a home (unlike posters, which are posted on the street), only for their aesthetic value. Posters generally feature landscapes, actors, musicians, pin-ups or other famous characters, movie posters, paintings… Read More »

Small Posters Quite Large Side Windows Posters

50 cm x 15 cm large and on each side 4-color printed, side window placards are a often misunderstood possibility local, regionally or even nationally an impact-strong advertising campaign, which must shy away the comparison with the classical foreigners and certainly not with other media. Studies show very impressively that side window posters with much… Read More »

Creative Advertising Posters Example and Tip

Some examples of poster design with unique themes you can see below. Posters as one of the graphic art on print media with a relatively large size that composed pictures and letters. Usually attached to the wall or on public surfaces. The poster is intended to attract as many people as possible around the place… Read More »